Examination of documents

Development of design documentation

Development of design documentation: the impact of quality on the result of construction

The construction of any building is based on drawings and calculations, which show not only the appearance and floor plans, but also provide all the data on building materials and construction techniques. Development of design documentation is the second stage after the preliminary design of the building.

The procedure for the development of project documentation

The design of all buildings involves a specific action plan that allows you to prepare as quickly as possible. After approval of the sketches, the Dproject team of architects and engineers proceeds to create the final estimates, drawings and plans.

Project documentation

  1. On the basis of draft designs, work is carried out to detail all parts of the future building – floor drawings, sections, roof and basement schemes. This is the so-called project documentation;
  2. At the same time, plans are being prepared for bringing up utility networks and landscaping;
  3. The final estimate of the project is made. If the construction is large-scale, then the calculation of costs is done in two forms: monthly and final;
  4. The technical conditions for performing all actions are described: digging pits, erecting walls, welding, dismantling, disposal;
  5. Confirmation and verification of all documentation in the supervisory authorities. This is a rather lengthy process, since some documents can be submitted in parallel, and some in a strictly approved sequence;
  6. Explanatory notes are drawn up to make the work of builders as easy as possible. If the house is small, then there is only one note, but if there are several buildings or they are large, there will be more notes.

Development of project documentation and terms

In each individual case, the price of work will be different. Few of the customers want to have the same house as their neighbor. Any change in the internal layout, facade type affects the amount of work. The complexity of the design, architectural delights, as well as the type of object, increase the time and cost of developing project documentation.

If we take the average values, then according to work experience, in Dproject the lead times have different meanings:

  • Reconstruction, reconstruction or capital construction – up to 6-8 months;
  • Redevelopment of buildings and apartments – 3-7 weeks;
  • Pre-design research and preparation – about 1 month;
  • Restoration or alteration of facades – up to 6 weeks.